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Art heals.
You've heard those words before, and you know they are true. Art, in any form, is about connection, story-telling, life and death, healing and rebirth.
After some time away, we are pleased to share the rebirth of Aspects of Art. Originally founded in 2000 by artist, teacher and entrepreneur, MaryAnne Applegate. Aspects of Art offers pieces and collections of work from artists with a voice who have experienced a special or traumatic event in their lives, and who use this work to heal and rehabilitate themselves while putting beauty into the lives of others.
Our current catalog features the painting of Brianne Applegate. In 2008 Brianne suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of an auto accident. As an aspiring artist, Brianne submerged herself in the creation of these beautiful, and emotional works as a way to aide in her recovery. That recovery has been nothing short of a miracle.
We hope that you will take a few moments to view the work on display here. Most pieces are available to be commissioned for the size, color scheme and personal messaging preferences of the buyer. Contact us directly for commission inquiries.
Please visit our website often, as we will be expanding our catalog regularly.

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