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Brianne is an emerging artist from New Hope, PA. She draws upon a wealth of inspiration from her journey through, and recovery from, a traumatic brain injury in 2008.  Her art reflects the healing process that her body is going through. Brianne's abstract impressionism is her reality and how she see's the world around her.

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Act II: Brianne Applegate ’11 Shows Recovery is No Accident

A fresh outlook on life and art helps Brianne Applegate ’11 heal from a near deadly car crash.


When Brianne Applegate ’11 rolls up her shirt sleeve, people are often surprised to see the tattoo on the inside of her forearm, which reads “II.I.MMVIII.” Just like the Post-it notes that now hang all around her bedroom and the pain that still lingers, the tattoo is a constant reminder to the 25-year-old Brianne of what happened that day – February 1, 2008.

After hearing her story, you might just wonder how she could ever forget.

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